snowmanHere is how you can save 4 to 16 hours per week for yourself or a staff member.

Saving Time in Property Management Inspections

There are times when we need that extra push over the holidays to keep us focused. Family and friends have our minds occupied with the holiday season and we are busy planning these very special times.

Do you want to see how our property management inspection software and app can make all the difference in how your holiday season is spent? If you want to free up more time in your office I encourage you to try out Inspect & Cloud today.

Here is a feature that will help you enjoy more of your holidays. If you are not currently using Inspect & Cloud, start today, it takes 5 minutes to set up and then you can instantly begin your journey towards more freedom.

Here is how time savings works with just one of the main features that will save you numerous hours every week and remember we are a software company that specializes in this space and are the ONLY company that offers this type of AUTOMATED MOVE IN/OUT reporting explained below.

Time it takes to review & compare your Move In/Out Inspections

Through our time spent researching we have found that most management companies always complete a Move-In Inspection prior to the tenant moving in after the previous tenant moved out and maintenance was completed, however, what most brokers fail to realize is how much time it takes to review all this information when comparing it to the Move-Out report. Both reports need to be reviewed with a fine toothed comb so no items are missed and so you can compare both reports to give your tenants an accurate move out accountability report. It is also very important should you ever have to go to court, all your information will be accurate, easy to understand, and readily available.

How long?

If you are using a clip board to do inspections here is where all the extra time is being spent. For example if your company completes 30 Move-outs that is essentially 60 reports total between the two that must be reviewed. A conservative estimate would be 15 minutes to review each property adding up to numerous hours each day of wasted time.


Our solution to this problem is the Move In/Out Report button. This feature allows you to complete a Move-In inspection on a property and when that tenant moves out you can select that same property and complete the Move-Out inspection. The beauty of this is that once you have completed both the Move-in report as well as the Move-out report the software then merges both reports together to create one (showing both inspections side by side) so you no longer have to waste time looking over and comparing the two reports.

Now here is where the magic happens with Inspect & Cloud’s automated Move In/Out Report. This fine toothed comb task is completed for you and the app highlights (in yellow) any negative discrepancies changes between the two reports.

This cuts down the review process up to 90% since all the information on the report that does not apply becomes irrelevant to the review process and you or your staff can focus your attention towards accounting for the damages.

Too see how this looks you can view a sample here ~ Move In/Out Report ~

Don’t be a Bah Humbug this season and give yourself time to start celebrating more of the holidays 🙂

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– Your Friends at Inspect & Cloud

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