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Gilbert Quinones

Inspect & Cloud, CEO & Co-Founder

Our CEO is known to be an implementer. He won’t just talk about ideas but instead takes action. Gilbert is able to help bring the team together by creating clear expectations on the vision so that everyone knows their role to get things done. He brings many years of experience from real estate sales, property management, and has run several operations that involve leadership. Leading teams of the best programmers and designers is something that requires a vast amount of knowledge and leadership. One of his main goals with the Inspect & Cloud software is to alleviate almost all (if not all) of the unnecessary stresses and frustrations that PM’s see day to day when conducting property inspections.

Jon Ray

Inspect & Cloud, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing

Jon Ray has been called an internet marketing wizard and an executive coach, teaching small to medium-sized companies how to grow their business online. Formerly of Google, he was instrumental in leading Google’s first ever field marketing team of brand ambassadors. This team of nearly 100 enthusiastic ambassadors was designed to educate business owners across the country about best practices online, search engine optimization (SEO), search marketing, Google AdWords, productivity tools, effective web content, and so much more. Now, his passion is creating solutions that make small businesses more efficient. Hence, Inspect & Cloud.

Odessa Fernandez

VP of Sales/Operations & Marketing

Odessa is the backbone of Inspect & Cloud. She sees the day-to-day operations, completely immersing herself in the I&C product and always wanting to improve and add industry-changing developments. She speaks 3 languages: English, Filipino and Spanish, and when she’s not laying down the law at I&C Headquarters, she’s a self-proclaimed karaoke queen. She absolutely loves talking to customers and receiving any and all kinds of feedback from them to provide the most innovative and easy-to-use mobile application to her clients. She is also a crucial part of I&C’s marketing/advertising campaigns, making sure to reach international audiences. With the new release of our first ever Android version of I&C set to release mid-April, Odessa knows it’s only a matter of time till things get super busy. She doesn’t mind however– she’s ecstatic to be on this exciting and eventful journey.

Lawrence Myende

Regional Broker Representative

Lawrence understands the dynamic environment of developing, managing and growing long-term business relationships. Having worked several years in events and promotions his specialty of experience has been working with real estate firms and internet promotion products. He is a very gifted communicator and is passionate about Inspect & Cloud’s product which in turn sparks innovative ideas to create even more value for our customers.

Maxwell Ochieng

Head Project Engineer

Maxwell is a veteran web engineer that understands how important it is for a product to be fast and effective but still maintains its simplicity. He brings many years of experience on creating the most advance applications that are simple for people to use.

Susan Hooker

Director of Customer Relations

Susan is not only a customer support specialist but she is a relationship builder. She understands property management and knows the real estate business. Susan also served in the United States Army as a 75B (Personal Admin Specialist) and understands the importance of systems to automate a successful operation. Her mission is to help property managers build their brands by creating processes that will simplify their business so they can focus on growing their business.

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