Is Inspect & Cloud worth it?

Our customers can save up to 80% of the entire process from inspections, to photo formatting, the move in/out process, etc. It actually cost you to NOT use a tool like Inspect & Cloud. Extra communication time, extra time/gas trips to office getting assignments, error free move out processing, and savings from employee resources adds up when you speed up, automate and streamline the inspection process.

How much does it actually save me?

One example would be if you paid a staff person $10 per hr 8 hrs per day and they completed the same work in 6 hrs instead of 8hrs. This would equate to 10 hours a week. If you have 5 inspectors then multiply that x5. Overall employees can be more productive for their work day versus a clipboard and it saves the entire office time and resources.

Can I charge for inspection reports?

What you charge for reports are up to you. We recommend checking with your local states licensing laws. Most states regulate property managers and require you to be a licensed home inspector to use the term inspector to the general public. However many licensed property managers take on the responsibility to track the up keep and maintenance of property conditions therefore this requires frequent property checks aka property management inspections.

Inspect & Cloud allows users to customize the title names of their reports such as Property Assessment, Evaluation Reports, or even a customized name you chose. Many of our property managers charge property check fees which can sometimes more than pay for your monthly membership. With Inspect & Cloud software many users are able to generate several hundreds and even thousands of dollars in additional revenue to a companies bottom line. The end result is you provide a tremendous amount of value to your property owners on a well formatted report for the condition of their property.

What exactly is Inspect & Cloud?

Inspect & Cloud is the most advance property inspection system that is extremely user friendly and simple to use. The mobile app works with your IOS & Android devices so that you are able to do inspections easier and faster. Using check boxes, text, and photos Inspect & Cloud allows property managers to do inspections easier and faster, with less room for errors. 

What if I lose my phone or tablet? Do I lose my work?

No. Once a property inspection is complete, you just hit the send button and it pushes the property inspection to your inspection property cloud. No information is actually stored on your phone or tablet long term.

How do I know if my employee is doing their work?

You, as the master user, control your inspectors’ login access. Ex: Each property inspector uses their own smartphone to complete a property inspection, while you are able to monitor the work they complete including logs of time inspections were started and completed.

What if I need to access the report immediately?

That’s the beauty of taking your property inspections digital. With pen and clipboards, companies have to wait until the inspector returns to the office. With Inspect & Cloud the office headquarters can have the property inspection immediately in real time after it’s completed.

How does this save me money?

It actually cost you more money to not use Inspect & Cloud. Extra paper, time, and resources are some of the biggest factors of expenses. Not only do companies function better but they can generally either cut staff or have their property inspectors focusing on other helpful tasks since they get more done in less time. Having to go back to the office to organize property inspections & photos wastes a lot of time.

Are there contracts to use Inspect & Cloud?


Are there initiation or set up fees?


How do I begin using Inspect & Cloud?

You can begin using Inspect & Cloud and be set up within 5 minutes. Simply request to sign up and we will email you a user login. From there, we will email you instructions as well as a report to assist you and your staff. We are certain that once you see how it will make your life easier in property management you will understand how quickly you can increase your profitability and focus on growing your business.

Do I need to give my employees expensive equipment?

No. Many of our brokers are having their employees use their own smart phones to do the inspections. Since your inspections are stored on your web login, you control their ability to login and what they can inspect.

You can also use a iPad or tablet device. This gives employees total control to be able to complete inspection timely and stay in total communication of move in/out process.

What about my clip board pen & paper??

There was a time when typewriters ruled and no one wanted to use computers. The clip board is a thing of the past. Now days brokers can not afford to rely on pen and paper and competitors will be tracking data, send/receive inspections, keep owners informed, print out side by side move in/out reports and automatically know everything that is wrong with a property’s move out with out even having to go to the filing cabinet. 

Do I still need to take a camera for adv pics??

No. With Inspect & Cloud we have build the advertising photo feature right into the app so that all your marketing photos will be stored and organized by the room. Theres no need to worry about camera batteries, etc. Having multiple devices is a thing of the past. 

What is the Move In/Out Feature??

The Move In/Out Feature is a unique feature for Inspect & Cloud that organizes your property inspections history so that you can utilize Inspect & Clouds unique trademark side by side Move In/Out Report. It automatically shows all the damages/changes that negatively changed from the initial move in inspection and automatically highlights them in yellow for you so that you have a quick easy view for move out accountability. It also uniquely displays the move in/out photos together for easy comparison view.

What is Total Communication Feature??

Total Communication Feature is a complete automated communication system that was built right into Inspect & Cloud and was designed to keep everyone informed.


Inspector Assignment- From the second a property is assigned to an inspector they receive a notification message on their mobile device alerting them of the assignment.

Tenant Notice- The tenant/resident also receives an email alerting them of the scheduled inspection time.

Broker/ Manager- Once the inspection is completed the broker/manager receives an email notification that it was completed with a downloadable link to the report.

Inspector- The inspector also receives the download link in their inbox as well.

Property Owner- Furthermore the inspector can email the inspection to the property owner directly if they choose directly from the app using the mobile or the web app.

End Result- Everyone in the office stays informed and you can also manage who receives these emails in your office under the settings in your Inspect & Cloud web app.

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