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Our property inspection software was built for property managers by property managers. But sometimes you need to collect information on a property that doesn’t quite fit the mold. You could be a property manager, a hotel clerk, a zookeeper, a grocery store manager, or even a practicing magician. That’s right, customized inspection reports allow ANYONE to create customized property inspections with ease.

Easy to Customize Property Inspection Templates

With Inspect & Cloud’s new Custom Property Inspection Template feature, we’ve made it easy to customize the type of information you collect no matter WHAT your property inspection report needs to look like. For property managers and beyond who want to design their own property inspection procedures and make them available for use on phone or tablet to yourself, your staff, or your—assistant.

Match Existing Property Inspection Reports

This is where Inspect & Cloud’s property inspection software gets REAL fancy. With Inspect & Cloud you can create a custom mobile app property inspection checklist that matches your existing report and is available within a matter of minutes so that you and your staff can access it on your mobile devices. This in turn makes your entire property inspection process organized instantaneously for a higher level of productivity and professionalism.

How to Get Started with Inspect & Cloud’s Custom Property Inspection Templates

To get started with Inspect & Cloud’s property inspection custom templates, simply go to Settings from the web application dashboard and here you’ll see the option for Customized Inspections. By default, you’ll see the Inspect & Cloud primary template. To add your own, just click the “Add New Template” button and you’re able to create a name of an inspection template – for instance, if you manage a large complex and have specific procedures for these units and want all you staff to abide by, you have the ability to create a custom property inspection template specifically for that property’s units.

Once you’ve named the property inspection template, select it from the drop down menu and you’re ready to begin the customization process. The template editing mode is setup so you can change the areas and features for each area and see how they will appear in the mobile app to the right of the custom fields. With the ability to add and modify the inspection template fields to match your existing report or create a new one, you’ll find it’s easy to edit and add areas that you would like to use in your custom property inspection template, as well as edit and add different room items for each of your areas. Once done hit submit and you will see the changes you made on the mobile screen which show how this new template will look on your mobile device.

An Example of Custom Property Inspection Software In Use

Lets say you manage a large complex and the management has a special request to always ensure the breakers are set to off for all units after the final each property inspection—or you want your want your property inspector to always check the A/C filter. Once you’ve added these into your custom template, they will be part of the property inspection process for any property you have assigned the template to. Your property inspector will have the option to use check boxes or comments for this room item, as well. Once your room items are set up, these fields will always show on the report when this custom property inspection template is used.

Once finished setting up your template to the exact procedures and property features you want your staff to follow at every property, just hit save and you’re done. Your customized template will now always show up as a selectable option in the web application when you assign property inspections as well as be available to select in the mobile when you add properties there. To select your new custom template, simply select it from the “Inspection Type” drop down menu.

Create Specific Property Inspection Checklists with Ease

This custom template feature will assist you so that you can create specific systems or task guidelines exactly to your office’s needs. The possibilities for this feature open your inspection reports up to be customized to just about anything you can think of and will help keep your procedures consistent and organized. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your existing report just to use new software. With Inspect & Cloud, document the same information you’ve grown accustomed to collecting, only now, with our custom template feature, you’re able to take advantage of the ease, simplicity, and professional reports generated by our digital property inspection software and mobile app.

Custom Property Inspection Reports Because YOU Asked For It

At Inspect & Cloud we work side-by-side with property managers every day to make sure you have the most valuable features to make your life easier and accelerate your business.. We always welcome your feedback, after all, that’s where the custom templates idea first came from — YOU.

Whether you’re inspecting the three bedroom, two bath down the street, the chicken coup and farm land you manage a county over, or whether you latched the secret trap door — Inspect & Cloud’s custom template feature allows you to build your property inspection reports around the property features and information YOU deem important. Never be limited in what your digital property inspection software can do for you again.

See Why Inspect & Cloud’s Property Inspection Software Is So Powerful

Start using Inspect & Cloud today to improve and accelerate your property management business with our new customized template feature today!

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