Property Management Marketing Mixup

The Property Management Marketing Mixup is a weekly collection of some of the best property management articles, blog posts, images, stories, videos, etc that we found around the web. These are the people talking our language. What would you add to our property management marketing list this week?

Property Management Marketing

    Mastering the Digital Channel

  • Have you mastered the digital channel? Is there more you could be doing to boost your online presence and raise your bottom line? Master marketing and PR guru, Chris Brogan, offers some great advice in his newest webinar video series for property management businesses and real estate professionals.
  • Brainstorming fodder for thought

  • Looking to do some marketing brainstorming for your property management business? Google Think released a treasure trove of insightful information, playbooks, presentations, case studies, and research, brilliantly organized with an architecture and design quality that’s perfect for afternoons of curious thinking and strategy.
  • Increase your online presence

  • Geek Estate has a great 12-step program for real estate professionals and property management businesses who want to increase their online presence. Everything from branding, to social media, to how customers get into contact with you is covered in this comprehensive must-read guide.
  • How to follow up with people you meet at events

  • Meg Herbert offers some great advice for maximizing on the momentum you build at property management conferences and events. What are you supposed to do with all of those business cards? How can you get the most out of your new friends and colleagues? Head over to Inman News to find out how Meg is leaving a lasting impression.
  • Tapping into 70 million Gen Y adults and their phones

  • Are you connecting with the 70 million Gen Y adults using social media to make purchase decisions? Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and all of the other social tools available to get your property management business out to the people that need to see it? Zillow’s Spencer Wiedeman gives you the scoop on how to video series for property management businesses and real estate professionalss.
  • Mad Real Estate Skillz—Do you have them?

  • Inman News hosted a “#madREskillz” competition on Twitter this week. Check out some of the outrageous and outside-the-box thinking that fellow property management companies are using to drum up new business. How creative are you willing to get with your marketing? Are you making a splash?

Property Management Best Practices

    Know what bad looks like to become great

  • Property Management Direct put together a great list of showing signs of a bad property manager. We think it’s a great way to know what NOT to do, so you can continue to offer your property management clients the best service possible.
  • Is your website mobile friendly?

  • Did you know that 91% of apartment and rental shoppers are considering using their mobile phone to find a property? Is your website optimized for mobile viewing? Jacob Gerber gives you all the info you need to know about why mobile is a goldmine you might not be capitalizing on.
  • How does your budget compare?

  • Alex at Four and a Half talks about property management expenses and budgets. How does your budget compare to your peers in the property management industry?
  • Tenant Love

  • Are your tenants in love with you? RentalBase HQ gives some pointers on jump-starting that love connection with your property management tentants and renters.
  • The Best Property Inspection Software Checklist

  • We put together a checklist for selecting the best property management inspection software and app? Are you still using pen, paper, clipboard, and a digital camera to tediously crank out property management inspections? See why we think there’s an easier way to perform property management inspections.

And that’s the best property management marketing posts of the week

Those are the property management marketing mixup highlights for the week. What would you add to the list? What resources are you using in your property management business to keep customers happy and grow your online and real world presence?

We’d love to hear more about your property management marketing techniques in the comments below.

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