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Over the next 2 weeks, you can get started and create an unlimited number of property inspection reports using our simple and easy to use mobile property inspection software.

During your free trial, you’ll begin to see why Inspect & Cloud has become such a trusted and time saving tool for so many brokers and property managers. In addition to creating easy to read and professional inspection reports which can be instantly emailed to property owners with your company’s branding, you’ll enjoy all of the features Inspect & Cloud’s has to offer, including:

  • Daily To-Do List: showing all of the inspections that have been assigned to a particular inspector in mobile mode
  • Prospective Calendar
  • Map Mode for easy route planning
  • Inspect & Cloud’s Custom Area Renaming within the mobile application makes sure you’ll never have a problem altering inspections to fit a particular properties needs.
  • All inspections are completed using are simple binary decision system of checkboxes, comments and photos, which all resize to fit perfectly into each report.
  • Auto-Text comments: which allow you to easy create templated comments for use at multiple properties.
  • Our signature box features, allows for an inspector and tenant to sign an inspection report upon completion. Limiting liability while assuring the highest quality reporting from your inspectors.
  • Once an inspection has been completed and you sync to the web, it’s easy to email a report to members of your staff, other inspectors, or to a property owner for review of property status.
  • Each inspection report is custom branded with your company’s logo and are formated to assure that your inspection reports are always professional and easy to read.
  • Need to add additional information to a report after the fact? With Inspect & Cloud’s web application, it’s easy to access completed reports and edit, add, or remove additional information, and make any necessary corrections.
  • Master Inspector View allows you to assign inspections to multiple inspectors and keep track of their progress in real time from your computer. Just login with your master Inspect & Cloud account and you can easily
  • Add New Inspectors
  • Add Properties and Schedule Inspections
  • Assign Properties to an Inspector
  • Monitor Progress
  • Inspect & Cloud’s weekly Productivity Report is emailed out to Brokers and Master Inspectors once a week, giving an overview of all inspections that have been completed, which inspector’s completed which inpsections, on what day, and how long they were at each property. With this information, it’s easy to design systems that maximize efficiency—saving time and money.
  • Finally, Inspect & Cloud knows that your time is valuable and that you need to be as efficient as possible. That’s why we’ve added the “Advertising Pics” features, which allows you to select areas of a property that you would like an inspector to photograph for use in MLS, Rental Listings, or other property advertisements. These photos can then be accessed in full resolution for whatever purposes you need to market a property.

At Inspect & Cloud, we’re always listening to feedback from our trusted clients and users. That’s why we continue to launch new features to make Inspect & Cloud one of the easiest ways to organize your property management inspections process, so that your business runs more efficiently.

We pride ourselves in the relationships that we’ve been able to form with each of our customers, and are always available via our Phone Support Center, Online Tutorials, and Email Support Team. It’s the trusted property management professionals that continue to give us their valuable feedback who have made Inspect & Cloud the time and money saving product is has become.
One of the most important things to do is to get started today and see for yourself!

Join the real estate brokers and property management professionals who are experiencing how digital inspections save time, money, and help build rapport with property owners by providing timely, professional, easy to read inspection reports.

So, Log in and take a look around. We’ll be following up each day with helpful tips that other property managers using Inspect & Cloud have used to make their inspection process more efficient, while growing their business.

Thanks for using Inspect & Cloud!

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