Maintenance man smartphone imageProperty Management Inspection Software- NEW! Maintenance Notifications

The new Maintenance Notifications feature for Inspect & Cloud is the latest most advance notification system for 2018.

Now property managers can add their vendors directly from the mobile or web and use this property management inspection software to notify all their vendors with professional maintenance reports.

“We are excited to kick off 2018 with this new system.” said Inspect & Cloud Co-Founder, Gilbert Quinones.

This feature enables property managers to flag items for maintenance from the mobile or have one of their office staff complete this from the web and send maintenance reports from either platform.

What makes this unique from any other inspection software is that it takes only the specific room area and item that was flagged for repairs, then when the inspection is complete, it emails a downloadable copy of the maintenance report that only contains the part of the inspection repairs that applies to the vendor.

The benefit of this is that it allows the property inspector to provide vendors with only the detailed information from the inspection report assigned to that specific vendor rather than the entire inspection report with all the details of the property which can sometimes clutter the vendors assigned task.

The professional maintenance reports contain the photos, checkbox information, comments, and even video if users have this feature enabled.

Now property managers can record audio and visual notes for maintenance personnel when conducting inspections. When maintenance receives their maintenance notification report they will have the option to watch any videos that were flagged for the room area, as well as receive any instructions on how to handle the repair.

“It’s like having a personal assistant to manage and keep everybody updated for the work order process. The beauty of it is there’s no additional work needed to make this work because you just click, choose, and once complete it does everything for you.”

Property managers, inspectors and office personnel can also manage this process from the web, therefore the notifications can be sent out at the time the inspection is completed or at a later time when the office chooses to notify vendors with a simple click of a button.

The other benefit to this is maintenance personnel can now be better prepared for the repairs needed prior to picking up the keys and work orders. This will also assist in saving time and money enabling the property manager to me more resourceful.

“We love to spoil our users with such advanced tools and it’s the greatest feeling to be able to create beautiful automation that makes their inspection data even more valuable for them.”

Inspect & Cloud is a customizable property inspection software provider that services thousands of users in 14 countries around the world and enables users to manage their inspection system using an integrated web application that syncs with their mobile devices available on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. For more information visit or contact the support center at 866-960-6020.

Maintenance Notifications also allows users to pull a report from the web to summarize all the info for easy work order entry. The attached video shows how this system works for the mobile.

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