With trial and error, experience, and a strict open door policy here at Inspect & Cloud, we have come up with some of our most valued features with the help of our customers. One customer said it was imperative to have customized templates–he had to have them and convinced us why we needed them too. Thanks to his persistency, we caved and created customizable templates, and thank goodness for that. Ever since then, our customizable templates have played an integral role as to why we’ve been able to switch over hundreds of property managers from pen and paper to their handy dandy mobile devices.

After numerous phone conversations were had, some of the smaller companies expressed that our pricing packages didn’t quite fit their company size. One of the most important visions at I&C is to grow side-by-side with the most modest-sized property/management company, and help them grow and/or add tremendous value to their company. Sure, Bob from Bob’s Property Management Company might only have 24 properties right now, but with I&C’s new and improved packages starting at $49 a month, Bob signed up. The rest is history.

Bob uses our mobile application once a week, yields a sharp-looking professional inspection report, “wows” the property owner with this thorough, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing inspection report, thus, making the property owner want to entrust more properties to Bob.

It’s a win-win y’all (Yep, we’re from Texas :)).


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