Why Use Digital Property Inspection Software?

slider6There are thousands of property managers switching from pen and paper or other inferior software systems to digital property inspection software like Inspect & Cloud. These streamlined property inspection software platforms are revolutionizing the property management industry.

Are property inspection software systems worth it?

But does it make sense to switch your entire office over to a new system and process? Our data says a resounding—YES! Property managers all over the world are beginning to realize what a profound effect implementing a solid software system like Inspect & Cloud into their business can do for them.

Key Features for Property Inspection SoftwareNew Dashboard Ad03

In addition to creating beautiful PDF reports easily from your mobile phone or tablet, the following show up as reasons to make the shift with so many of the property managers we talk with.

Inspect and Cloud property inspection software will:

  • Save you time—we’ve shown that reports that were taken up to 3 hours to complete from start to finish, can now be down in less than 30-minutes
  • Create Better Inpsections—by using our default industry checklists or creating your own custom template, your reports will reflect the exact data your customers desire and need
  • Create perceived value—all of our reports are custom branded with your logo and company information, making it appear to your customers that you built this software just for them!
  • Easy mobile access—whether on iPhone, iPad, or an Android device, we’ve got you covered. Inspect & Cloud allows you to get things done in the field quickly.

Industry-Best Property Inspection Software Features

Selecting Best Property Management Inspection SoftwareWe pride ourselves in delivering functionality to property managers that truly helps them become more efficient and profitable. We are constantly taking feedback from loyal customers and using that input to make sure Inspect & Cloud continues to be the most innovative property inspection software in the marketplace.

Features Include:

  • Video Clip Inspections—easily add video and audio clips to your inspections
  • Custom Template Design—Mirror your existing inspection reports and capture the information that is important to you and your property owners
  • Prospecting Tool—Use inspection reports in your prospecting kits and close more property owners by providing more value than your competitors
  • Edit Reports from PC or Mac—Edit reports back at the office. Edit and access reports from your computer and/or mobile device.
  • Rename Custom Areas—Easily add new property areas or rename existing areas during or after an inspection is completed.
  • Time Stamped & Bulk Photo Export—Whether the courts require it or you just want them for use in other applications, download all photos with or without a time stamp.
  • Bulk Property Import—Easily export your rent roll and bulk import all properties into Inspect & Cloud as a CSV file.
  • Email Reports—Email reports from the web or mobile. Allow clients to view a downloadable PDF or linked web report.
  • Signature Box—Set a level of accountability and a standard of quality by having inspectors and tenants digitally sign each report.
  • Auto-Text Comments—Are there comments you know you will frequently use? Save time by having frequently used comments available at a touch.Mobile Property Inspection Software
  • Full Button Label Customization–Change the buttons to whatever information is most important to you. Instead of “clean”, “undamaged”, and “working”, you can edit them to fit your inspection needs.
  • Add Multiple Inspectors
  • Assignment Notifications & Scheduling—Instantly know when you have an assigned inspection with our push notification feature on both Apple and Android devices.
  • Dedicated Web Application—We provide a full-out web application on all Inspect & Cloud plans. Edit, manage, and print out all inspection reports as soon as you login to your account.
  • GPS Tracking Enabled—See a bird’s eye view of where each assigned inspection is at in your area.
  • Daily Inspection List—Keep track of your company’s day-to-day inspection activity.
  • Setup Support—We’re here for you. Whether you need help to upload your properties, or you just had a bad day at work, we’re here to help.
  • Auto-Weekly Progress Report—Have your morning cup of joe with our weekly productivity reports, which tell you how your company is doing, who is the most efficient inspector, and how many inspections were completed.
  • Voice Dictation—If you hate typing on that 2.5 inch mobile screen, no worries. You can speak your comments with our voice integration feature, and have it transcribed to text for you.
  • Multiple Software Integrations—You asked, we listened. Ask us about our multiple software integrations and how we can help catapult your property management company to the next level.
  • Unlimited Photos Per Room—We know the importance of capturing every nook and cranny of a property. Feel free to shoot away as you go from room to room.
  • Available on both Apple & Android Devices—It doesn’t matter which team you’re on, we’ve got you covered. We’re available on both systems to ensure that all of our customers can enjoy Inspect & Cloud.
  • Full Online & Phone Support
  • Unlimited Inspections on Unlimited Devices
  • Map View—Always know where your inspections are assigned.
  • Designated Advertising Pics—Want to “wow” property owners by providing advertising photos complete with your aesthetically-pleasing inspection report? Well, you can here.
  • And So Much More…

We’d love to introduce you to Inspect & Cloud and show you why so many smart property managers are making the switch.

Do a test inspection now!

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