One of the biggest hassles in moving to a new software platform is entering in all of your existing property data into the application. With some software, you’re forced to enter each property one at a time, wasting hours upon hours of time doing data entry.

That’s why we created the ability to Bulk Upload your property portfolio, no matter what the size. Whether its 10 properties or 1,000, our bulk upload feature makes adding your properties quick, easy, and pain free.

To use the Bulk Upload feature, simply login to the web application with your Inspect & Cloud master credentials.

From the dashboard, click no Settings, then Manage Profile.

Now select the Import CSV link.

Here you can download a sample CSV file which showcases the proper format for bulk imports.

Simply download this file and open in Microsoft Excel, then open the spreadsheet which contains all of your properties.

Starting with the first column, go through and copy and paste your property information from your existing spreadsheet so that it corresponds with Inspect and Cloud’s CSV formatting.

Once all property information has been copied into the new spreadsheet, Save As and in the drop down option, select Windows Formatted CSV, then title the document whatever you like.

Head back into the Inspect and Cloud web application and select choose file, then navigate to the file you just created. Select and click submit.

Once you receive a Success message, you can click “Manage Properties” to further edit, assign, and confirm their entry.

Inspect & Cloud’s bulk upload feature saves hours upon hours of tedious data entry work. Use Import CSV to start seeing the benefit that Inspect & Cloud’s digital property inspection reports can offer you and your property owners right away.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our support center. Thanks for using Inspect & Cloud!

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